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If you are looking to become a better singer, you are not alone!  If you are struggling with your voice, you are not alone!  With consistent practice and guidance from Megan, you can improve all aspects of your voice.  Be sure to watch the reviews to hear what other singers think of Megan’s teaching.

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Megan Eyre Terwilliger

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Through an unbiased and direct approach, Megan hopes to be part of the solution for whatever problem(s) students encounter with the voice so that her clients can progress to be authentic, confident, and healthy. Megan believes effective teaching takes study, careful listening, expectation, observation, and above all else, patience and laughter.

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Adam Bahadursingh

“Vocal coaching at M.E.T. Studio of Voice has been the best voice training I have ever received. I have taken voice lessons in the past with little success. Megan has been the only coach to teach me the proper technique as well as develop my own personal sound and style. Highly recommend!”

Adam Bahadursingh


Chris Eldridge

“Megan is a great, incisive teacher who has helped me work through some longtime vocal issues. I’m very grateful to have found her!”

Grammy Award Winner Chris Eldridge

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M.E.T Studio of Voice is owned and operated by Megan Eyre Terwilliger in Nashville, TN.
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